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Sound and Lighting Packages to Fit Your Needs

Starting at $900



Our basic package is far from basic.

For those seeking a more affordable and simple option, this is the package for you. It is perfect for back yard parties, small park gatherings and more. It features state of the art sound that offers clarity unmatched by most basic, basic packages.

Includes 2 loudspeakers, 1 Wireless Microphone, (optional) basic lighting for indoor or night events and a skilled DJ on his choice of mixing equipment. 



Add a little more bass!

This package is for those looking for a fuller sound. Deeper bass is sure to increase the toe tapping and overall dance floor population.

Includes 2 loudspeakers, 2 subwoofers for a total of 6000 watts of clear musical goodness. Also includes 2 wireless microphones and an awesome DJ to mix up all your favorite tunes. A basic lighting package is included for night or indoor parties at no additional fee.  


Earthquake Package

be impressed and then some...

This is one of our most popular and frequently requested packages. With our earthquake package we customize our setup to enhance and make the most out of any venue.  It includes everything in the seismic package plus your choice of three additional services from those listed below. Since this package is fully customizable, it requires a consultation before a quote can be given.  

Additional Services

Everything you need to improve the WOW factor of your event.

These additional 'a-la-carte services are designed to add an extraordinary experience to your event. Each add-on is sure to increase the excitement and overall entertainment for your guests. 

Premier Uplighting


Exceeding Expectations

Uplighting is a popular choice that allows the whole room or outdoor space to be involved in the celebration as opposed to limiting lighting to just the dance floor. With our advanced wireless options, our uplights are versatile and can be used virtually anywhere. They can be used to illuminate walls, focal areas, pillars, trees, etc. Options are limitless with uplighting making them a must for every room and courtyard. We typically use uplighting as ambient lighting throughout dinner and formalities then make them a part of our dance lighting with their color changing capabilities. 


Cold Spark Effects

The safe alternative to pyrotechnics

Cold spark machines bring a whole other level of amazement to your grand entrance, first dance or any other part of your event. It emits a shower of sparks that are safe for both indoor and outdoor use. Just like fireworks, they are sure to take your guest's breath away while creating spectacular photo opportunities that last a lifetime. The spark machines are used in sets of 2 per order. 


Dancing On The Clouds

A dreamy touch

This effect gives the feel of dancing above the clouds. Any special dance can be enhanced by this dry ice effect and is safe and approved by most venues. It pairs perfectly with our lighting to create a spectacular first dance or quinceañera dance.


Ceremony/PA Services

Sound where you need it

Whether you need music and microphones at a separate location from your wedding or simply just a PA system for a speaking event, we got you covered. We offer a variety of setup options to fit your needs including lavalier microphones and wireless handheld microphones.  Plus a variety of both smaller low-key speakers and larger sound capable of bigger events and small concerts.


Video Streaming

A solution for those who can't attend

With our live streaming option you can now invite guests to experience your special moments from the comfort of their own homes. They will be able to experience every special moment through Zoom in high quality video and sound. 


Video Screens

Add video for any reason

TV's or projector screens can be used to add a visual touch to your event. Whether you would like a slideshow, presentation, or music videos. Each of our DJs has video mixing capabilities with thousands of music videos in most genres. Our TV monitors can be added to any event or used as a stand alone service wherever TV's are needed.

Lighting Upgrade

Improve the feel with light

Our upgraded lighting is a must to enhance the visual aspect to match the incredible audio we offer. Moving head lighting is perfect for bringing the party to life and they can be used for more than just dance lights. They are also great for accent washing on walls and ceilings to complete an ambience or as spotlights to enhance special dances or for lighting up a stage. All of our lighting equipment can be controlled with lighting software for full control of your events light show. Our moving heads go great when paired with uplighting


Logos & Monograms

Static or Animated

A projected monogram or logo is great for filling an empty surface. We can project a company logo or a monogram depicting initials or names on most surfaces including walls, ceilings or dance floors. We can also help you bring your projection to life with animation. Whether you prefer something simple or a bit livelier, we are here to help you with an unforgettable design.

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